Vintage Matchbooks by Keri O’Brian

The most expensive matchbook ever sold cost $6,000. But their typographic inspiration? That's priceless. From elegant, to cartoony, to what were they thinking? design, something in the world of vintage matchbooks is sure to strike your fancy.

  • Recoleta by Latinotype ft. Jorge Cisterna


    Just like Grandma recipe, Recoleta combines a variety of ingredients—from various popular 1970s typefaces—such as soft and gentle shapes in Cooper or fluid, angled strokes in Windsor—mixed into one single design that features familiar yet fresh, modern flavors. Its variety of weights provides a range of choices that will help you find the best typographic color for your project. Lighter weights are well-suited for body text while heavier ones are ideal for high impact designs. The available stylistic alternates offer a number of different characters that give your logo or business card a unique look. — Latinotype

  • Central Avenue by Colophon Foundry ft. Studio Makgill


    Central Avenue is a sans-serif typeface designed by Studio Makgill and published through Colophon Foundry in 2011. The design was influenced by a style of hand-painted sans-serif used on posters in the late nineteenth century. The family is available in uppercase-only with the lowercase taking on an underlined, superscripted form. — Typewolf

  • Smithsonian by Alexatype Foundry


    The tough western name that you can count on. It has a rough cowboy feel, stern, strong, and bold. With a simple shape, Smithsonian will bring no cheap talk in your design. It will always be truthful, no nonsense, & always straightforward. - Alexatype Foundry