Quentin Tarantino by Qusai Akoud

This collection embraces the Tarantino world that's trashy, yet high art, and always entertaining. We spotted a few of these typefaces in his movies, and think the others could very well show up in future films, dripping with violence, semi-satirical subjects, and sheer style. His highly-designed films go to extremes—and this selection does as well, ranging from the elegant Benguiat Caslon to the humble free font Action Is.

  • Benguiat Caslon by Photo-Lettering ft. Ed Benguiat


    Designed to be set in big, large and huge sizes in classic TNT (tight-not-touching) style, Benguiat Caslon is dynamite for a wide range of display demands. We also included outline and drop-shadow versions as well as numerous swash caps, ligatures, contextual alternates and automatically-shifting punctuation. —House Industries

  • Action Is


    Action Is used in Kill Bill, the yellow Pussy Wagon truck.